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Chapter (1)
Atypical Partner, a year on

AP Times Cover

Hi Everybody

When I last wrote to you in December 2019 it was to welcome you to the new AP houses we had launched in London and Luxembourg, and were at that time looking forward to the opening of the Milan house in 2020.
        As we all know, the impact of COVID has been, and continues to be, profound and meant the AP houses stood empty for several months, but the community has prevailed and a lot has happened over the last 10 months despite the pandemic.
        Perhaps most importantly, our visual identity has been firmly established with the creation of our Atypical Partner brand, which has included the rebranding of THCP. Let’s take a second to remember what AP is: Atypical Partner (AP) is a digitally-led multi-strategy asset management company dedicated to best in class talents in the alternatives investments sector, driven by great passion and strive to excel. Looking forward, a formal AP launch will take place in conjunction with the announcement of the partnership with Starting Finance and the adoption of the atypical.com emails for all relevant members, in late November 2020.
        In July the AP house in Milan was opened with much work again from Elodie, Jackie and their teams. I would encourage you all to visit when we are able. This house cements our presence in one of our core markets, which will help us to grow our profile in Italy, raise capital and attract talent in a country where there are few international players locally present.
        We also welcome several new members of the team in both investment and operational roles across Milan, Luxembourg and London. These new team members add great depth of experience across investment, capital raising, digital, legal, finance and portfolio operations. The community will continue to grow as we expect further additions by way of a Chief Business Officer for AP and an Italian Principal.
        Last, but absolutely not least, our commitment to our manifesto and AP for social has been strengthened with the rebrand of Nice to Meet You and additional associations and partnerships formed with underlying charities focussed on improving access to education, removing barriers to learning, guaranteeing equal opportunities and enhancing possibilities for change. This is an area of increased focus where we will seek support from community members in the coming months.
        As a final word, I am very pleased to see that people have truly enjoyed returning to the houses across London, Luxembourg and Milan on an elective basis. Looking forward, we are going to have some bumps in the road ahead of us with a few countries going into lockdown again, but the resilience of our community must be commended through this difficult time. Thanks to the rapid adoption of remote and digital working we seamlessly transitioned to the new world we now find ourselves in. Thank you all for your efforts in this difficult period, we do not give it for granted.

Mauro Moretti
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