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Chapter (10)
An Atypical approach to Covid-19

Prevent the spread
of coronavirus


Clean your hands often
Wash your hands with soap
for at least 20 seconds

Cover coughs and sneezes
Cover your mouth and nose
with a tissue or the inside
of your elbow

Avoid close contact
Put distance between yourself
and others (at least 2 metres)

Stay home if you feel sick


You should consider:

︎︎︎Set a regular routine     being at home it’s easy to blur the lines between work and personal time. Try and start at a similar time each day, take lunch at your ‘normal’ lunch time and try and aim to finish at a regular time (meetings permitting, as they would do in the office if you were in the office). The time you would normally spend on your commute could be used to read the paper, grab a coffee etc and similarly at the end of the day, create a routine and close your laptop

︎︎︎Structure your day     as you would do if you were in the office

︎︎︎Create a workspace        where possible, create a defined space that has everything you need and is away from distractions

︎︎︎Set ground rules     many of you will share your home with others, ensure they respect your work space and your hours

︎︎︎ Take regular/scheduled breaks    get up and move, make a drink, do some exercise, walk the dog, have some lunch…..

︎︎︎Stay connected    working remotely can sometimes feel a little isolating.  Instead of Teams/e-mail – pick up the phone.  Speak to your colleagues/HR if you are struggling and ensure you build in time for non-work socialisation

        The safety and health of our AP members has always been, and remains, a top priority. Early into the Covid-19 pandemic we introduced new safety measures across all our locations to help protect our members and their family’s health. These measures include; temperature checks upon entry to the office for all, hand sanitiser stations throughout the offices open and closed areas, and a rota system in our larger offices to the reduce face-to-face contact where possible.
          The Covid pandemic this year has created an unprecedented environment for us all, challenging the way we work, communicate and collaborate.  Remote working has become the ‘new normal’ and is likely to have a continued and lasting impact on how business’s operate and how we work in the future.  It is clear that it is likely to continue to be with us for some time.  With this in mind, it is important to consider how we work from home in order to maintain a good balance and general wellbeing.

          If you have any concern or questions please visit the government website.
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